The dentist

The Dentist

“Shatteringly powerful – deeply moving, unforgettable play”

A virtuoso performance... Jessica Maxwell - Na de Dam Festival May 2011

The Dentist

By Chaim Marin and Razia Israely
Performed by Razia Israely
Adapted and directed by Malka Marin
Inspired by Dr. Gideon Greiff's book We wept without tears

First performed at the Holon Theatre, Israel, 6 March 2006
Dutch premiere on May, 4, 2011 at the Theater na de Dam in Amsterdam

Dates & Location

9, 10, 11 and 12 May 20.30 hrs

Koninklijke Schouwburg (Royal Theatre) - Het Paradijs
Korte Voorhout 3, 2511 CW Den Haag

Tickets & Reservation

E 15,00 - E 25,00

The English Theatre’s Ticketshop or T 06 300 500 18 Early Bird discount available on full price tickets!


This performance can be performed at schools, for pupils of 16 yrs and older.

Pupils have shown great respect for the story they were presented with. The impact of this performance in schools has been far reaching, giving pupils an insight in war and its effects on future generations in a very deep and profound way. Some comments:

“The Dentist – emotional root-canal treatment. Razia succeeds to touch personal chords for each one of us in everything related to a father and son or daughter.It seems as though she has personally experienced these things and is sharing it with us in the guise of a performance. The audience remained seated for a long time after the conclusion of the performance, a reaction the likes of which I cannot recall.” (Chen Lev-Ran, Drama Student)

“Succeeds to touch our hearts.” “I imagined myself within the play.” “The performance was very alive, we felt as though we were seeing and experiencing the sights.” “A wonderful actress, I am sure that everything happened to her.” (Students, Comprehensive School No. 8, Rishon LeZion)

For more information and for a performance at your school, contact STET:


The Dentist is a soloperformance by Israely actress Razia Izraely about the complexe and
loaded relationship of Rosie, a doctor, and her father, an Auschwitz survivor who terrorized his family. Now at 50 she embarks on a journey to understand and redeem her father. A very intense performance, inspired by Dr Gideon Greif’s book We wept without Tears. The Dentist was performed to great acclaim in Edinburg and Toronto .


Edinburgh Fringe Festival reviews 2009:
Shatteringly powerful… one of the best things I’ve ever seen in the theater, drama of a rare and memorable quality. Israely gives a tour-de-force performance and her magnificent acting is matched by the superbly written and staged script. The Dentist’s theme of reconciliation and compassion in the face of unmitigated evil is fully realized in this deeply moving, unforgettable play.
The play should be applauded for bringing a lesser-known aspect of the unparalleled horror of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp "out of the closet" and humanizing an otherwise monstrous story.
[Edinburgh Guide. Com ]

Toronto Fringe Festival reviews 2010:
"… an experience that resists conveying and summary..”
Adam Collier
“ can’t take your eyes off Israely the entire length of the show, and her acting should be a lesson in how to deliver a riveting solo performance: each movement, gesture, and change in tone feels like a deliberate choice, and she completely eschews any sentimentality. The Dentist is unsettling, but it presents a valuable piece of history and reveals stories of the Holocaust that are not often told – especially the effects of the Holocaust on a good man, and what those ramifications are for future generations."
Miriam Cross- Shalom Life