Guildhall graduates 2015 (gg15)

Guildhall Graduates (GG15)

STET Production Team has selected the 2015 Guildhall Graduates! We are going to have the most inspiring solo-pieces performed by talented recently-graduated actors in The Koninklijke Schouwburg!  

gg15 flyerDATES AND TIMES 
Wednesday 23 September** 20.30 (€ 3,00 STUDENTNIGHT)
Thursday 24 September       20.30
Friday 25 September            20.30
Saturday 26 September**     20.30
**Anglo-Dutch monologue This is Your Last Chance to Survive only to be seen on Wednesday and Saturday.

Koninklijke Schouwburg - Het Paradijs
Korte Voorhout 3
2511 CW The Hague

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Adult                          € 22,50
CJP / Student / Child €10,00

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T: 06 300 500 18

23-25 September 2015
Guildhall Graduates (14+) Workshop 

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Tom Chapman’s Bird is a unique performance about a man, a room, a fire place and a bird - told without a single word.

In Elaine Fellows' Decibels, A girl on the cusp of "adulthood" excavates her past in the search of answers to her future. 

In Jesse Michael Angelo’s David we examine the Renaissance master who, enslaved by his own genius, struggles to find a meeting point between reality and his art. 

Gerty van de Perre - "This is Your Last Chance to Survive"
An exploration of self-absorption and strategies of survival in todays confusing world. 

In Niall Ransome’s Fcuk’d, A troubled teenager and his little brother are about to be taken into care by the authorities...what kind of future do they face? 

GG is an annual project developed by STET in partnership with the prestigious London drama school the Guildhall School of Music and Drama whose previous students include Daniel Craig, Orlando Bloom, Dame Eileen Atkins, Ewan McGregor, Jodie Whittaker, Michelle Dockery and Joseph Fiennes. This partnership provides English and Dutch speaking audiences with a fantastic opportunity to discover new talent at the beginning of their careers. 

As part of STET’s continuing endeavour to create a platform for international artists with different theatrical backgrounds to meet, learn and inspire, an English language monologue will be performed as part of the GG programme on Wednesday 23 and Saturday 26 September ONLY. Belgian actress Gerty van de Perre, will be performing the monologue This is Your Last Chance to Survive, written in English by the Dutch playwright Ninke Overbeek and directed by Carola Arons. 
An American woman appears to be treating an unseen listener to her opinions on how to navigate the world. Pretty soon the unfortunate listener is forgotten as she warms to her subject. 

STUDENTNIGHT  and LAMIDISC discount card
The STET theatrical year opens with a Student Night on Wednesday 23 September. University students can buy tickets for €5, or get in with their LAMIDISC for an even better price of €3.
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