Limbs recalling limbs

STET presents in the 

Photo by Nick Kemp, from the book Erotica 2

“Limbs recalling limbs”
a reading of a work in progress 
Gerty van de Perre and Patrick Muthurin
directed by Tina Packer


Saturday 23 April 20.30 -  21.45 
with aftershow discussion with the writer and the performers


Koninklijke Schouwburg - Het Paradijs
Korte Voorhout 3,
2511 CW Den Haag
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€ 15,00 Full Price (incl a drink)
€   7,50 Students/CJP
€ 13,50 Uitpas
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Limbs recalling Limbs is Ninke Overbeek's research of the body-politics of Shakespeare's characters like Joan of Arc, Shylock, Portia (Merchant of Venice) and Ophelia and others.
What situations do they find their bodies in? What agency do they have over their own limbs? Who demands what from them? How are they represented? How can they defend themselves? What do they tell us about the body-politics of today?

She has created images in language to research these questions, departing from the perspective of their bodies, body-parts, their clothes. It's a work in progress, and with it she is hoping to open up a perspective towards a new narrative for these people, that Shakespeare depicted so beautifully and who we can still identify with.

NInke OverbeekNinke Overbeek (1986) searches in her texts for the perspectives of those people who are not part of the main story, but who linger in the peripheries of today's world. She is mostly interested in those who have 'not so easily recognisable' identities, in worlds trapped in in-between frames, in things that do not properly end or begin, in precarious lives and precarious states of mind. Because she believes those 'messy', unclear situations help us to change, to transform, to get rid of the old and get ready for the new.

She has an education in Theatre studies and Writing for Performance and is currently following a MA program Comparative Cultural Analysis at the University of Amsterdam.

She was part of the group who founded De Kosmonaut, a writers group based in The Hague. Her work has been performed in Amsterdam at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival, at several theatre festivals in Rotterdam, Haarlem and Utrecht, at the Angel Art Festival in Portugal, in The Hague at the Royal Theatre in STET's Guildhall Graduates program and in Theater aan het Spui. 

She currently works on a new performance called “This is your last chance to survive” in co-operation with Gerty van de Perre, actrice of the young performance group Club Gewalt, who are based in Rotterdam.

Tina Packer is said to be the woman who worldwide has performed and directed more Shakespeare texts than any other woman! She pariticipated in the The Hague Shakespeare Festival 2013 and returns for these special commemorations in the Hague. She is also the author of the book Women of Will, exploring the feminine in Shakespeare. 

Gerty van de Perre studied at Codarts, Performance Artschool in Rotterdam and is part of the young group Club Gewalt. Club Gewalt is a highly acclaimed music theatre company which shows a new generation at work. Gerty worked before with STET (2015) and performed This is Your Last Chance, a monologue written by Ninke Overbeek. Gerty is multilingual and is Belgian by descent.

Patrick Mathurin (Dutch /Haitian) graduated in 1999 from the school of higher education of the arts in Arnhem winning the “De Roos-Gesinkprijs 1999”; the price for the most talented student of the HKA with making and performing Socrates’ Apology. In 2001 he was the proud recipient of “the Fellowship named in the honor of the Ambassador Joris M.Vos, NAF/Fullbright”. In 2000 he first followed masterclasses at the Actorscenter and auditioned and observed at the Actorsstudio in New York. He also followed Anne Bogart and her S.I.T.I company’s summercourse. Between 2001 and 2003 he studied at the Actorscenter in New York.

He is a fervent anti-racism campaigner. He uses his art to stage his protests. He became famous as the Black Sinterklaas in the Netherlands for opposing Black Peter.

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